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Welcome to the Website of
The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

The Cutlers' Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624 and for almost four hundred years has sought to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufactured cutlery and steel products and to promote the name of Sheffield.

As manufacturing in the region has changed over the centuries, so the Company reflects this by highlighting the innovation in the region as well as upholding Sheffield's proud heritage.

Annual Review 2014-2015

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Filmed in 1954 by the Master Cutler WB Ibberson, the silent, black and white film shows the processes of forging, grinding and hafting in the Sheffield cutlery trade.  There is also a brief view of the inside of the Cutlers' Hall at the beginning and end of the film.

Latest News

Open Day,  SATURDAY, 10 September 2016.

Our Open Day at the Cutlers' Hall, as part of the Heritage Open Days programme, was on Saturday, 10th September.  The Hall was open from 10am-4pm.  Over 600 people came and the feedback was very complimentary.  Comments in the visitors and to members of staff, showed how much the open day and the tours were appreciated.

Thank you to the people who came.

Master Cutler Challenge 2016

The Master Cutler, Craig MacKay has launched his Challenge to raise for St Luke's and Rotherham Hospice. Funds raised this year will help them to maintain their community palliative care teams so that more people have the choice to die at home. Around 70% of people want to die at home, but only around 20% in our region do. This year, our charities want to change that. Because home is more than the walls that surround us - it is familiarity and comfort; full of the people and memories we cherish. We all know what home means, so let's make the choice to live life to the end, at home, a possibility for all.

For more details and to register go to Master Cutler's Challenge 2016

The Master Cutler,

The  Master Cutler, installed on 6 October, is Craig McKay.


Useful Links


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Some Cutlery Manufacturers

Here is a list of some manufacturers of cutlery and silverware in the Sheffield area. This is for information only and is not an endorsement by the Company.

List of some manufacturers