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Welcome to the Website of
The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire

The Cutlers' Company was established by a parliamentary Act of Incorporation in 1624 and for almost four hundred years has sought to maintain the standards and quality of Sheffield manufactured cutlery and steel products and to promote the name of Sheffield.

As manufacturing in the region has changed over the centuries, so the Company reflects this by highlighting the innovation in the region as well as upholding Sheffield's proud heritage.

Annual Review 2013-2014

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Filmed in 1954 by the Master Cutler WB Ibberson, the silent, black and white film shows the processes of forging, grinding and hafting in the Sheffield cutlery trade.  There is also a brief view of the inside of the Cutlers' Hall at the beginning and end of the film.

The Installation

The Installation of the new Master Cutler and Company follows the annual election of the new Company. In the early years of the Company, the Election, Installation, Church Service and celebratory meal (which eventually became the Cutlers’ Feast,) all happened on the same day. Now, only the Installation and Church Service, followed by lunch take place on the same day. 
On 7 October, 2014, David Grey was installed as Master Cutler.  More images......

The Master Cutler,

Tuesday, 7 October, 2014, the Master Cutler Elect, David Grey, was installed as Master Cutler. The Installation ceremony took place in the Old Banqueting Hall at the Cutlers' Hall andwas followed by a service in the Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, Sheffield.

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Some Cutlery Manufacturers

Here is a list of some manufacturers of cutlery and silverware in the Sheffield area. This is for information only and is not an endorsement by the Company.

List of some manufacturers