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"To support manufacturing and producing industry nationally and in the sub-region through the public platform occupied by the Master."


The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire is made up of around 450 Freemen who qualify for Freedom as being a director or senior executive of a relevant organisation; engaged in the production of, or research in support of, manufactured items; within our defined geographical area.

The Company of Cutlers is governed by an elected Master, two Wardens, six Searchers and twenty four Assistants and is a permanent body (referred to as ‘The Company’) which is ‘formed’ at the new Master Cutler’s Installation on the first Tuesday of October, the new Master and Wardens having been previously elected on the first Monday of September.

The Master, Wardens, Searchers and Assistants act as chairman and a board of directors, meeting as a whole, or at various committee levels, to decide and oversee Company affairs. Assisting them is a small permanent staff headed by the Clerk, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of Company business.




As the face of industry in the Hallamshire region has changed so, of course, has the Company but it still strives, as it has done since 1624, to promote and support local manufacturing industry with the Master Cutler acting as its ‘Ambassador’.

Most recently, the Company is one of the organisations leading the development of an active and progressive Manufacturing Forum, which is chaired by the Master Cutler, with an initial focus on innovation, education and skills.

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Latest News

21-Gun Salute.  65th Anniversary of HM The Queen's Accession to the throne.

.The Master Cutler, Richard Edwards, was Inspecting Officer at the ceremony in the Museum Gardens' York on Monday 6 February, 2017.



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Master Cutler Challenge 2016

The Master Cutler, Craig MacKay, launched his Challenge to raise for St Luke's and Rotherham Hospice and it has now come to an end for this year.

The Master Cutler's Challenge 2016

This year’s challenge raised funds for  St Luke’s Hospice and Rotherham Hospice. In total, more than 2,500 patients are supported by these charities each year, helping people to reach the end of their lives with dignity, support and as much comfort as possible. Both are dependent on donations and fundraising.

The Master Cutler invites businesses of the city region to transform a £50 investment into as much fundraising as they could for two local charities. This year over 130 Companies, Freemen, Organisations, Schools and Colleges were involved in the challenge.  Teams really got behind the challenge and demonstrated both ingenuity and creativity with activities from quiz nights, though football tournaments and treasure hunts to plenty of Olympic themed events! 

How the money raised will be used

The Master Cutler’s Challenge will make a significant contribution to the finances of the charitiesin order to maintain the hospices’ community teams, enabling our patients who wish to stay at home to do so. As well as supporting the hospices, 20 per cent of the total money raised is to go to the Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust for distribution to smaller local charities so that they too feel the benefit from the Challenge.