The Master Cutlers Challenge

The Challenge for 2017 was promoted by the Mistress Cutler, Dr Julie Edwards.  This Challenge is now completed.

In 2018, the present Master Cutler, Ken Cooke, will issue the Challenge to raise funds for the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice.


The Mistress Cutler's Challenge 2017

The Charities
This year’s challenge raised funds for two charities, Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity and Cavendish Cancer Care. Both charities are dependent on donations and fundraising to raise funds for equipment in the case of the Children's Hospital and for day to day expenditure and capital developments for Cavendish Cancer Care.

The Challenge
In 2007, then Master Cutler Gordon Bridge invited the businesses of the city region to transform a £50 investment into as much fundraising as they could for local charities. Over the last 10 years, the Cutler's Challenge has become an annual tradition. In total, more than 500 teams have taken part, giving about £1.3 million to local causes.

This year over 60 Companies, Freemen, Organisations, Friends of the Company, Schools and Girl Guides were involved in the challenge, the aim being to invest the £50 given to them by the Mistress Cutler in a charitable fundraising event or activity in order to have fun with friends and fundraise for the charities.

The Prizes
The award winners this year are:

Most money raised - 1st prize - Chris Heaton, 2nd - DLA Piper & 3rd - BHP

Mistress Cutler's Creativity and Innovation Award - East Midland Trains

The Gordon Bridge Award - DLA Piper

Young Fundraiser’s Award - 36th Stephen Hill Methodist Church Brownies

Best Individual Fundraiser - Jess Swaithe of BHP

Best Photograph - Finger Industries

Group Above and Beyond Award - KPMG

How the money raised will be used
The Children’s Hospital charity aim was to raise funds for the neonatal surgical unit, to support parents with an unique IT system, allowing them to monitor their young babies remotely when they are requiring a long term hospital stay.

The Cavendish Cancer Care are in the process of moving to larger purpose built premises containing a dedicated therapy room to support children and their siblings, who are undergoing cancer treatment or bereavement.

Some of the money raised will go to the Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust for distribution to support smaller local charities.

Sheffield fundraisers have got into their stride and some of the events such as DLA Piper’s Monopoly game and KPMG’s race night are now booked into the city's social calendar months in advance. This year, new teams have enjoyed the challenge and found the own particular way of raising cash. One notable event was East Midland Trains celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Master Cutler train service from Sheffield to London. They commissioned anniversary label pins for the many weary eyed early morning passengers who regularly catch the 7:29 train to London.

Individuals were invited to raise funds by filling Smartie tubes, specifically for the Cavendish Cancer Care.

All the organisers of this year’s challenge wish to thank all participants and those that have donated for their enthusiasm and hope they can keep supporting the Cutler’s Company in its charity fundraising.

Information and details are on the website at

The Master Cutler, 2017

Mr Kenneth Cooke was installed as Master Cutler at a ceremony in the Cutlers' Hall on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017.

.This was followed by a service in the Cathedral across the road.

He also gave a speech after the lunch in the Cutlers' Hall..


The Master Cutler

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