His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

His Royal Highness The Duke of York

Honorary Members

John Richard Edwards  Master Cutler
Kenneth Cooke  Senior Warden
  Nicholas Peter Cragg   Junior Warden

The Searchers
Nicholas David Oliver Williams TD DL – Senior Searcher
James Andrew Tear
Peter Brian Hoy
Keith Robert Jackson
Charles James Turner
John Trevor Saxelby Hayward DL 

The Assistants
Michael John Mallett
John Edward McGee
Sir Hugh Sykes DL
Christopher John Jewitt DL
Paul James Tear
Douglas Brian Liversidge CBE
John Clive Bramah
John Joseph Tissiman MBE
Alan David Bedford Reid
Gordon Wilson Bridge
James Henry Newman OBE
William Blake Speirs
Pamela Edwards Liversidge OBE DL
Neil Andrew MacDonald
Anthony Paul Pedder OBE DL
David Grey MBE
Craig McKay
Cameron Alexander McLellan
Alison Jane Kinna
Oliver George Stephenson
Ian Robert Nicholls
Andrew John Colton
Bridget Clare Bernadette Warner-Adsetts
Jane Louise Robinson 

The Clerk
Colonel George Andrew Kilburn MBE DL 

The Clerk Emeritus
Colonel Peter David Gardner OBE

 Annual Review 2016

 Master Cutler, 2016-2017


.Richard Edwards has been elected Master Cutler for 2016-2017. He was installed on Tuesday, 4 October, in a ceremony in the Cutlers' Hall.  This was followed by a service at Sheffield's Cathedral, which is just across the road from the Cutlers' Hall.


Useful Links


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Sheffield Chamber of Commerce

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Some Cutlery Manufacturers

Here is a list of some manufacturers of cutlery and silverware in the Sheffield area. This is for information only and is not an endorsement by the Company.

List of some manufacturers