South Yorkshire Police and Fire and Rescue Service Awards, 2015-16

 Awards were made by the Company to recognise exemplary service by the South Yorkshire Police and the South Yorshire Fire and Rescue Service, and were presented at the Cutlers’ Hall on 20 July 2016 by the Master Cutler, Mr Craig McKay.  The nominations this year included the Fire and rescue Service.

SOUTH YORKSHIRE POLICE AWARDS 2016                                                             

 Group Winner -Doncaster Tasking Team. 

.The Doncaster Tasking Team, is a high velocity’ team, which adapts quickly without complaint to changes in circumstances and ensures high risk offenders are quickly arrested and brought to justice.  Its achievement as a small team belies its size.  The Team’s officers are fully integrated and multi-skilled, working alongside their Detective colleagues.

The team has caused major disruption to the two high risk Organised Crime Groups  in the area.  One of them is being gradually dismantled by the team’s relentless proactive activities. However, the true value of this team is best shown by results.  

438 offenders arrested by Tasking Team in the past 12 months
81 warrants executed

Controlled drugs to a value of over £2,000,000
£34,000 in cash
1,268 cannabis plants
10kg Heroin, (one offender sentenced to 6 ½ year in prison and 6 others are pending similar sentences)
8 kg Cannabis
1 Shotgun
1 hand gun
1 Mach-10 sub machine gun
7 electronic stun torches

Operation Trough - Organised Crime Group

22 warrants executed in 2016
11 gang members sentenced to a total of 39 years 10 months for offences ranging from drug supply to robbery and theft.  4 others on remand awaiting justice
Over £20,000 of controlled drugs including cannabis/heroin/crack/cocaine/amphetamine

Operation Seedling - Human trafficking

1 offender arrested for human trafficking
3 offenders arrested for entering the UK illegally and
1 victim of trafficking identified and recovered

This gives you only a snapshot of the success of the Team.  They are dedicated, effective and efficient.  They were worthy winners of the Cutlers’ Company Group Police Award. 

Individual Winner - PC Dave Allen

PC Dave Allen joined the Integrated Offender Management team in September 2015 and was tasked with targeting the high risk and most prolific offenders as well as supplementing any work by the Safeguarding Adults Team.  He quickly grasped the principles and followed a clear path of providing rehabilitative options to the offenders, supported by swift enforcement action on those who fail to comply or who pose a risk to the victim.  His determined approach has led to several offenders being removed from the cohort after their risk was reduced, as well as some excellent arrests for recalls, bail breaches and Domestic Priority Arrests.

PC Allen has developed good working relationships and is respected by Probation Officers, as they feel they can rely on him to deal effectively with their offenders.  They listen to his advice; he has put together some excellent cases for ‘recalls’ and after authorisation following this up with swift arrests.  A couple of examples of recent actions which show his dedication to duty: 

At 4.05pm on Tuesday 2nd February 2016, PC Allen was off duty on his way home from work when he spotted a well-known violent offender who was wanted on a recall.  He is a ‘high risk’ offender on the domestic cohort, as he has threatened to throw acid in his ex-partner’s face and burn off her tattoos.  PC Allen had already set up the necessary safeguarding measures.

As he approached, the offender ran off but was quickly cornered.  A big man, over six feet tall and weighing over sixteen stone, he tried to barge PC Allen out of the way.  Eventually escaping into neighbouring gardens.  Having chased him and ultimately cornered him again, PC Allen faced even more violence.  Having received a glancing blow from a “Haymaker”, he finally managed to restrain the offender until local officers arrived.  PC Allen had been struggling with the offender for nearly fifteen minutes.

At 04.30am on Monday 04 April 2016, PC Allen was off duty taking an early morning run, when he saw a suspicious male walking up and down driveways.  He approached the man and immediately recognised him as one of Doncaster's most wanted vehicle crime offenders.  After a short struggle, he arrested the man and recovered a large amount of stolen items from recent thefts in the Rotherham area.

PC Allen repeatedly displays immense dedication and courage, both on or off duty. His actions makes a difference to the lives of law abiding people, who are either victims or potential victims of the offenders he apprehends.

These selfless, brave actions make PC Dave Allen a worthy winner of the Cutlers’ Company Individual Police Award 2016.



 Group Award – Community Fire Safety Officers Teams. 

. The team is credit to South Yorkshire.  Its Members are ambassadors for the Safe and Well scheme and demonstrate their commitment and caring in their daily working.  The dedicated work that they carry out within the homes of our most vulnerable communities and households is vital.   

Examples of the work they carry out on a daily basis are:

Safe & Well checks in homes of the most vulnerable across South Yorkshire.
Delivery of education packages to schools across South Yorkshire and attend events across the whole of South Yorkshire to help raise awareness.
Appropriately trained officers work across the deaf community in South Yorkshire.
Coordination with other organizations including: Social Housing providers, SYP, drug and alcohol teams, community nurses, social workers etc.
All staff have been trained as Dementia Friends.
All the team is trained to work with children and Young People who have demonstrated fire setting behaviours. 

The professionalism, commitment and dedication shown by each member of this team is manifest.  This is perhaps best demonstrated by an example.

John.  Identified by Fire-fighters on scheduled Home Safety Checks in the area.  - A 67 year old man living alone in a very poorly maintained bungalow with alcohol issues and poor nutrition due to having no cooking facilities.  Financial constraints meant that he didn’t heat the house.

Services provided as a result of the visit and coordination with other services
Housing initiated repairs for John’s bungalow and a deep clean.
Adult Care Services requested intervention from a specialist social worker within the Vulnerable Persons Team.
A review of John’s finances was carried out and he is now in a position to heat is home.

In addition FCSOs

Provided “Hot pack” meals so he had at least one hot meal per day.
Provided warm packs (blankets, instant soups, gloves and thermal socks).
Initiated delivery of food to John in partnership with the local food bank.
Provided safe cooking methods (a new microwave and kettle) in partnership with a local organisation
Provided extra clothing and footwear in conjunction with a local charity as he only had one set of clothes to wear.  This meant he was able to bathe and change.

As a result of the multi agency approach John’s circumstances have changed for the better and the long term outlook is good.  His progress is now being monitored through regular visits from his social worker and frequent visits from FCSO’s and Housing. 

It is clear that the FCSOs do and exceptionally valuable job for our community.  They are worthy winners of the Cutlers Company Group Fire and Rescue Award 2016

Individual Award Lorraine Smith, Station Manager

Station Manager Lorraine Smith has been a uniformed serving officer at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue since 1997.

Following the start of Lorraine’s career she quickly rose through the ranks to Station Manager through her strong work ethic, personable approach and professionalism.  She has been a role model within South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue but also an inspiration to others in her private life.   She has volunteered to adults with learning needs, fostered a number of children including those with learning needs and been a mentor for new foster carers.  On top of this she is also an accomplished athlete representing Holmfirth Harriers in road running, cross country, track, triathlon, fell running and cycling.  She has completed the London marathon in less than three hours and was in the top 100 females. 

Most recently within her role as Station Manager she has been instrumental in delivering the new command and control system within South Yorkshire fire and Rescue.  A £4.6 million project that was delivered on time, to the agreed spec and within budget.  To achieve this she went above and beyond the call of duty giving freely of her own time freely during weekends and evenings in order to ensure a successful conclusion.

All of this, she has managed whilst facing her own battle with cancer.  In 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had a number of invasive treatments, the most recent earlier this year.  In typical fashion she has not given in but spurred forward to raise money for cancer charities including completing a three peaks challenge of Vesuvius, Stromboli and Mount Etna raising £26,000.

Lorraine is currently working on developing the organisations Integrated Risk Management Plan which aims to set out the direction for the organisation for the next 5 to 10 years.

Station Manager Lorraine Smith is a hard working, dedicated, professional officer who has achieved a great deal.  She was a worthy recipient of the Cutlers’ Company Individual Fire and Rescue award 2016.

Comments By The Master Cutler

In presenting the awards, the Master Cutler said that all the nominations for these awards had been very high quality.  He congratulated the winners but also said that we are grateful to South Yorkshire Police and the Fire and Rescue Service for all they do for us and, in particular for their success in providing a safe environment in this Region.  He asked the Assistant Chief Constable Jason Harwin and Chief Fire Officer Jamie Courtney to pass on The Company’s gratitude to the South Yorkshire Force and Service. 

Police Awards

Assistant Chief Constable Harwin’s Comments 

ACC Jason Harwin thanked the Master Cutler and the Company for the awards and for the recognition of the work done by the South Yorkshire Police.  These awards are for exceptional service, thoroughly deserved but others in the force also work quietly doing good work for the benefit of the Community.  He said that in difficult times it is always good to know that support is there.  He added that he is delighted that the Fire and Rescue Service has been included in these awards.  There is a friendly rivalry between the two organizations and this sort of competition is helpful to both.    

Comments By The Chief Fire Officer

Chief Fire Officer Jamie Courtney started by saying how much his service appreciated being included in these awards.  Fire and Rescue people generally do what they do because they wish to contribute to the community.  They are dedicated and hard working and do not seek praise or recognition but it is really very good to be able to recognise those who have given exceptional service and these awards are therefore a welcome opportunity to do that.  He thanked the Master Cutler and the Company for the event and the recognition.