August 21, 2023


Last week, Better Learners Better Workers received an email from Charlie who is a former BLBW Ambassador at King Edward VII School. Charlie collected his A Level results last week and emailed the BLBW team to say the following:
“Hi all,
I just wanted to thank you all for your support over the years through Cutler’s and more recently with the amazing work experience placement you helped me to find.
I received my exam results today and I achieved an A in politics and a C in both maths and physics. Whilst this did not meet the BBB requirement for the course, I was accepted anyway and will be starting at The University of Manchester in September.
This must mean that the admissions team were impressed with my personal statement in which I stressed the importance of the Cutlers’ programme and work experience at Cobra Sports Exhausts in igniting my passion for engineering, so I can’t thank you all enough for your support and hope this is an indicator of how useful the course is.
Thanks again, Charlie McCarthy”
Congratulations Charlie! We are delighted to see how the course has helped students when applying to university and for their futures. Thank you to the employers that have supported the course and the BLBW ambassadors for a successful year.
We would like to wish Charlie and all of the BLBW ambassadors the very best in their future endeavours!