June 1, 2022

Better Learners Better Workers (BLBW)

The Master and Mistress Cutler visited a BLBW activity day at Penistone Grammar School on 31st May 2022.  The day was organised by Company Member Sarah Ward and run by our affiliated Regiment, The Yorkshire Regiment and it was attended by students from a number of schools across the Region.  The aims of the day were to help the young people, in the BLBW programme, to develop and grow as they learn the skills needed to help them secure good jobs after leaving school.   The key elements of the day developed team working, self confidence, communication, trust in each other and problem solving.

The event was great fun and delivered via a number of creative and interesting stands, run by the Regiment.  The Master and Mistress Cutler engaged in many of the activities, alongside the young people.  It appears that the Mistress Cutler is a better shot than the Master, so not to be messed with!!  Both were better than the Clerk.  Every student received a certificate of achievement and awards were made to the best team and most impressive individual.  In addressing the students, the Master stressed the importance of the skills developed through BLBW and how they relate to the work place.  He thanked all of the students for engaging so enthusiastically in the day and the Regiment and Sarah for setting it up and running it.  Many thanks also to Penistone Grammar for hosting the day.