May 16, 2024


This morning, the Better Learners Better Workers (BLBW) students from Sheaf Training Centre visited Castings Technology International kindly hosted by Kevin Parkin and Richard Cook, who are also both Freemen of the Company of Cutlers. The visit offered important industry insights and potential career opportunities for students.

Students were taken on a tour of the factory and shown the manufacturing process and science behind some of the products the company manufacture. Luca Roshani, the Technical Sales Engineer, led the tour and encouraged the students to not only ask questions but also communicate with each other. On the tour, students discovered the hard work and dedication required to achieve quality products.

It is encouraging to see the positive impact of the tour on the students’ interest in engineering careers. The feedback from tutors also highlights the value of providing insight into local businesses. It is important to continue offering such educational experiences to inspire and inform young people about their career options. It is crucial for the BLBW ambassadors, especially those with Special Educational Needs (SEN), to have access to these opportunities.

Thank you to all the team at CTI, your patience and valuable knowledge was appreciated by both students and tutors. Your support for Better Learners Better Workers students is highly valued in enhancing their experiences.