May 22, 2024


The Better Learners Better Workers Ambassadors from Westfield School visited two engineering companies in one day last week – a valuable learning experience for the students.

First, the students had the opportunity to visit Macalloy, a global leader in manufacturing threaded tension steel bars and cable systems. Members of the Macalloy team spoke to the students about the products they have previously worked on like the Golden Jubilee Bridge in London and Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium. Gemma King, Internal Sales, shared her experience from her former career in the Army with students and discussed how she applies those transferable skills in her current role.

Thank you to Peter Hoy, Managing Director and Member of The Company of Cutlers, for hosting the visit.

Afterwards, the students had the opportunity to visit Advanced Alloy Services Limited, hosted by Managing Director Stephen Hall, who is also a Member of The Company of Cutlers. Jason Gath, the QHSE Manager, discussed health and safety protocols and provided the students with PPE before taking them on a tour of the shopfloor. The students observed various manufacturing processes and learned about the company’s products and services from Stephen. They also had the chance to ask questions about different job roles within the company and gain insights into the job satisfaction of the staff.

The companies’ contributions are essential in providing valuable opportunities for the students and wouldn’t be possible without the support of employers and businesses. Thank you to both Macalloy & Advanced Alloy Services Ltd.