February 26, 2024


On Friday 23rd February, the Master Cutler was delighted to accept the gift of two excellent examples of Sheffield-manufactured Bowie Knives.  The knives were gifted by Simon Cork, grandson of Thomas Cork, one of Sheffield’s outstanding knife makers.  The blades were crafted by Thomas Cork, with the first stamped ‘James & Lowe’ and the second ‘F W James’, with the case made by Sheffield Cutlery Case Co.  The pair will be displayed in Cutlers’ Hall. 

The Company already has donations from the Cork family, including a large exhibition knife, which hangs in the main corridor and a display of Thomas Cork’s excellent tableware.  The Bowie Knives will help show the range of skills and techniques associated with the trade and are an important addition to our heritage.

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire expresses sincere thanks for the generous gift of the Bowie Knives.

Simon Cork kindly gifted two Bowie Knives to the Company of Cutlers last week. In 1997, the Cork Family also gifted a very large knife to the Company of Cutlers to commemorate their 700th Anniversary, dating back to the first mention of a cutler in 1297.

In the photo below, the knife is held by Mistress Cutler, Pippa Field with Eric Cork (photo from Simon Cork).

In 1997, an exhibition was held at Cutlers’ Hall to celebrate the 700 years, featuring the Hawley collection and stands of Sheffield Manufacturers in the Old Banqueting Hall. The exhibition served as a tribute to the rich history and tradition of Cutlery in Sheffield. The Company of Cutlers had Bone China mugs made to celebrate this special occasion.