December 13, 2023


On Monday 11th December, Master Cutler, Mr Charles Turner DL, and Chairman of the Trustees of the Cutlers’ Combined Charitable Trust (CCCT), Mr Ken Cooke, were delighted to present donations from the CCCT to charities.

The Cutlers’ Combined Charitable Trust (CCCT) donated to 3 different, local organisations who aim to support and make a positive impact in the South Yorkshire Region, even in the festive period.

The 3 charities who received donations from CCCT are Care in Crosspool, Home Alone, and B:Friend. All of the charities work to combat loneliness in the festive period, they arrange activities and lunches for those who live alone, those with no family or friends.

Care in Crosspool works with local people living alone who have no family to help care and look after them, including over the Christmas period. They also arrange local Christmas events for people to attend.


Home Alone sees Gloria Stewart arrange an annual Christmas Dinner for those who don’t have any family or friends. This stated as a small group, but over the years it has increased to over 500 people.


And Finally, B:Friend, this charity arranges for people who are lonely and with no family to get together and build relationships and friendships with others. They also hold Christmas Events for their clients to attend.


We hope that our support will help these organisations and charities to continue their valuable work in the community and help make a real difference to the lives of those they serve.

For a charity to be considered for funding from us, they must provide a service that benefits communities within the South Yorkshire region, either on their own or through partnerships with other organisations in the area. We also prioritise charities that have not received funding from us in the past to ensure that we are supporting a diverse range of organisations. Charities that have received funding from us before can still apply, but they may have a lower chance of receiving funds compared to new applicants. By having these criteria in place, we aim to distribute our charitable support fairly and effectively throughout the region.

The Cutlers’ Company has a long tradition of supporting charitable causes in the South Yorkshire Region, and we are proud to continue this tradition through the Cutlers’ Combined Charitable Trust.