The Master Cutler train

From the Company's Minute Books :

In 1947, the Chairman of the London and North Eastern Railways was Sir Ronald Matthews, who had been the Master Cutler in 1922. He suggested that, as it was the custom to give names to the more important trains, the 7.40am train from Sheffield to Marleybone, returning at 6.15pm, should be named "THE MASTER CUTLER".

This was agreed by both the Railway Company and the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire, and, in 1947, the then Master Cutler, the Hon R A Balfour, later the 2nd Lord Riverdale, rode on the footplates of the inaugural train.

However, he was not the first Master Cutler to ride on the footplates of a train - in 1945, W W Wood, who served as Master throughout the Second World War, was invited by the L M S Railway to ride on the footplate of their train, “THE SHEFFIELD”, on its journey from Carlisle to London.

In October 1958, when the name “THE MASTER CUTLER” was transferred to a diesel Pullman train travelling to London via Retford, the change was inaugurated by the then Master Cutler, Sir Frederick Pickworth.

It is customary for the Masters Cutler to ride with the driver of  the train during their year of office.

The crescent-shaped head board was presented to the Company by British Railways (Eastern Region) and Firth Vickers Stainless Steels Ltd on 21 April 1959.

 Train headboard M Grant  Descriptive label for the Headboard, photograph M Grant  .
 Sir Ronald Matthews,
Master Cutler 1922
 The Train Headboard,
photograph M Grant
 The label accompanying
the Headboard, presented
to the Company
 The Honorable RA Balfour,
2nd Lord Riverdale,
Master Cutler, 1947