July 12, 2023


Monday 3rd July 2023, The Master Cutler, Dame Julie Kenny, attended the Primary Engineer Awards Ceremony at AMRC.
The aim of the competition was to inspire school pupils aged 3-19 to take an interest in engineering with one question, “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”. This involved interviewing an engineer, identifying a problem they see in the world and designing a creative solution for the problem. 9-year-old Elsa Marie Moorhouse won the overall award across the Yorkshire & Humber region with her ‘power aid’ idea.
This year, the competition celebrated its tenth year and saw over 48,000 pupils take part across the UK, with 3,100 entries submitted from the Yorkshire & Humber region with 250 shortlisted ideas. The judges included engineers from the AMRC and University of Sheffield, alongside other neighbouring manufacturing firms.
The awards evening also saw a visit from special guest Dame Julie Kenny, Master Cutler and chair of trustees for the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust, who is keen to see more young people think about careers in engineering.
“The country has got such a lack of engineers and this is why we want to inspire young people and children to actually get involved and think creatively,” said Dame Julie. “It’s events like this that absolutely gives them the initiative they want and to also gain an understanding of other people’s ideas, enabling them to go ahead and become the engineers of the future.” Congratulations to everyone involved!