October 25, 2023


On Wednesday 18th October, the Master Cutler, Mr Charles Turner DL, and Mistress Cutler were delighted to host the Sheffield Assay Office meeting at Cutlers’ Hall.

The connection between the Cutlers’ Company and Sheffield Assay Office has a long history dating back 1773. This presents an excellent opportunity to show the Cutlers’ affiliation with not only the Sheffield Assay Office but also the national body of British Hallmarking Council, enabling them all to maintain and further develop their relationship through ongoing collaboration and partnership.

It was a wonderful opportunity to also recognise 30 years of the Sheffield Assay Master, Ashley Carson, who is a Cutlers’ Company member. This celebration marked a significant milestone in his career and demonstrated his dedication to the industry.

The Company of Cutlers’ in Hallamshire and Cutlers’ Hall eagerly anticipates the Sheffield Assay Office’s return in the near future.