November 3, 2023


The Master Cutler and Freeman College have been working on an exclusive set of 6 Christmas decorations that will be released in two sets of 3 in 2023 and 2024.  The 6 designs all pick up aspects of the Company’s heritage and were designed by the award-winning silversmith Abigail Asher of Gonzo Studios and are made by the students at Freemans College.  The first set of limited edition pewter decorations will only be available in 2023 and orders are being taken now with profits being donated to both Freeman College and the Cutlers Hall Preservation Trust.

The decorations are available to order now for delivery in late November.  The price is £45 (Incl VAT) per set as per the image above and this includes a donation to both the Cutlers Hall Preservation Trust and Freemans College.

These items can be ordered through When ordering please confirm quantity and also whether it is a personal or company purchase so a VAT invoice can be raised.  Payment will be taken on delivery.

The full set showing 2023 and 2024 decorations are shown below:


About Freeman College

Freeman College is located in the Sterling Works and the Butcher Works off Arundel Street and is part of Ruskin Mill Trust. The College offers craft activities and exciting outdoor learning environments to support the development of work and life skills in young people with autism and other learning difficulties.


As Sheffield has been famous for cutlery manufacturing since the 1800’s the Freeman College has a strong metal curriculum, and the signature craft is silver spoon forging. Using traditional methods, students learn to hand forge spoons, forks and knives using copper at first and once they have developed the skills, they then have the opportunity to work with silver. In addition to forging, students can participate in a wide and varied range of other craft activities including; Whittletang, Textiles, Copper Spinning, Pewter work, Jewellery, Iron Age Forge, and Green Woodwork.  The curriculum also connects the students to the land at High Riggs where they help run a 9 acre biodynamic market garden where they grow and harvest healthy vegetables and eggs to use in the residential homes, cafes and canteens. High Riggs provides an opportunity for students to come out of the city centre and work on the land, experiencing the weather and the seasons, to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world around them.


Ruskin Mill Trust is an educational charity that operates in England, Scotland and Wales.  It’s method of Practical Skills Therapeutic Education is inspired by the work of Rudolph Steiner, John Ruskin and William Morris. Working with hand, head, heart and place, through practical activities, performing arts, therapies, culture and social enterprise, Ruskin Mill Trust helps individuals to re-imagine their potential.


For more information visit Freeman College – Ruskin Mill Trust (