April 8, 2024


Standard Steam Locomotive Company Open Day on 13th April & support from William Cook Cast Products & CTL Seals

The Standard Steam Locomotive Company are Building a Steam Locomotive in Sheffield, the 72010 Hengist a Clan Class Locomotive, and will hold an Open Day on Saturday 13th April between 10am-4pm at CTL Seal, Butterthwaite Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield S35 9WA.

As well as CTL Seals this project is being supported by William Cook Cast Products (WCCP) who will make all six driving wheels, based around two patterns. These will be made using traditional methods, assisted by laser scanning of the wheels on Hengist’s ‘big sister’ Britannia pacific 70013 Oliver Cromwell, based at the Great Central Railway’s Loughborough depot. From the patterns, the two centre driving wheels and four leading and trailing wheels will be cast. All six cast wheels will then be proof (semi-finished) machined ready for finish machining to suit the axles and tyres. All this work will take between six and twelve months to complete and will be worth over £100,000 to the project.

William Cook – Heritage Rail

William Cook is a major supporter of steam locomotive new-build and restoration projects in the UK and Europe.

Sir Andrew Cook CBE said of the project….” Britain is now entering the second and most hazardous stage of the heritage rail movement which began some 60 years ago. Preserved locomotives are requiring hugely expensive repairs, including new boilers and the generation of men whose knowledge and enthusiasm preserved them in the first place is dwindling as death takes its inevitable toll. In this context, new build is ever more important if the working steam locomotive is not to become a thing of the past. As both a life-long rail enthusiast and experienced manufacturer of the many kinds of cast parts a steam engine requires, I consider it my duty to our industrial heritage to do what I can to assist. The ‘Clan’ class was a pretty engine, but no example escaped the scrap man’s torch. ‘Hengist’ is a state-of-the art engineering project based in the heart of Sheffield and could even be the last Pacific locomotive built in the UK. Such iconic locomotives are a major part of our history, without which future generations would never experience the sight, sound and even smell of a working steam locomotive.”

Andy England, MD of CTL Seal in Sheffield, which is the home of the Locomotive, says “This is a fantastic development for the Locomotive and the project is building a real head of steam now. You can really see the engine taking shape and it’s an exciting challenge for us as we are re-creating the engine using the original 1950s design but employing 21st century engineering techniques to make it greener, cleaner and more efficient.”

Visitors can see the Locomotive at the Open Day on Saturday 13th April – 10am-4pm at CTL Seal, Butterthwaite Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield S35 9WA.