May 30, 2024


On Thursday 23rd May 2024, the annual Cutlers’ Feast took place at The Cutlers’ Hall. This prestigious occasion served not only as a celebration of South Yorkshire’s manufacturing and engineering heritage but also as a platform to showcase its continued innovation and capability in these vital sectors.

The Master Cutler, Mr Charles Turner DL, who has been serving as the ‘voice of manufacturing’ for the region since his installation in October 2023, hosted the event. Throughout the Masters’ tenure, The Company of Cutlers has celebrated its 400th anniversary on 23rd April 2024, hosted the Cutlers’ Feast, coordinated a “trade mission” to the City of London to promote investment in our Region will be hosting the Forfeit Feast in July, which welcomes the Lord Mayor of the City of London is invited to understand and champion our Region’s capabilities. The Master will also continue to attend various events promoting the South Yorkshire Region in manufacturing.

Over 370 guests attended the 387th Cutlers’ Feast, amongst them were the HM Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire and the High Sherriff of South Yorkshire, The Lord Mayor of Sheffield and surrounding Regional Mayors. The Company’s Freemen and Friends included influential leaders, representatives, and stakeholders from various manufacturing and engineering businesses and organisations. In addition to hearing the valuable speeches given by the Senior Warden and the Lord Lieutenant, the event also allowed guests the opportunity to network, share ideas and celebrate the industry. Unfortunately, The Government Minister for Business & Trade could not attend at short notice.

The Senior Warden, Mr Philip Rodrigo, began the speeches by discussing the importance of manufacturing, sustainability, and prosperity for the future of the industry.

HM Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, Professor Dame Hilary Chapman DBE RN, responded to the Senior Warden and reiterated the crucial support required in South Yorkshire to ensure continued prosperity, and leveraging the talent within our region.

The Master Cutler, Mr Charles Turner DL, thanked all guests for attending the feast and continuing to celebrate the 400th anniversary of The Company of Cutlers, as well as highlighting the importance of the event.

The Commandant of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and The Regimental Colonel of the Royal Yorkshire Regiment, Major General Zac Stenning OBE, informed guests about the future direction of the British Army, emphasizing the role of modernization and the vital support from manufacturers.

One of the hallmarks of the event was the emphasis on the importance of manufacturing within our region whilst also acknowledging the resilience and adaptability of South Yorkshire’s manufacturing and engineering community. Businesses have also demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in this evolving industry.

The Cutlers’ Feast serves as a platform for strengthening business connections within the manufacturing and engineering sectors.



On Friday 24th May 2024, the Cutlers’ Feast is followed by The Work Visits to Forged Solutions Group and Durham Duplex.

Guests visited the factories that showcased just some of the excellent quality of manufactured products in South Yorkshire. The Master Cutler led the visit at Durham Duplex, with Mr Mark Parramore guiding guests at Forged Solutions.

The event concluded at The Cutlers’ Hall, providing a fitting and impressive conclusion for all attendees before their departure.