Supporting Manufacture

There are some 360 Freemen of the Company all of whom qualified on joining by being director or senior executive of a manufacturing organisation or work in the field of research in support of, manufactured items. This provides a network of people involved in manufacturing who can share ideas and opportunities. Freemen also provide issues of importance to the Master Cutler.

The Masters Cutler have a unique platform in that they can access decision makers at all levels and their views are sought by the media.

The Company maintains the profile of manufacturing in the Region by making it the focal point of major events at its Hall, such as the Cutlers’ Feast. Local dignitaries and people of influence attend these events and have the opportunity to meet real manufacturers. This can have a significant impact on their thinking.

The Manufacturing Forum
In existence for some time, the Forum has taken on the role of representing the Manufacturing Sector to the Sheffield City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)
The Company supports the Sheffield City Region LEP. Several Members and Freemen are engaged in this.

Unifying Force
The Company does not have a particular agenda beyond supporting manufacturing and the Sheffield City Region. It can therefore act as an honest broker bringing various parties together for the benefit of the whole.

The City Region has the skills that it needs for today but it is also developing the skills that it will need in the future. The Company is supportive of initiatives such as the University Technical College and the Advanced Manufacturing Institute Training Centre but it is also running its own initiative the Cutlers’ Company “Better Learners Better Workers” project which aims to give young people the skills they need to find employment after school and to provide manufacturing businesses with a pool of home grown talent for the workforce of the future.