As manufacturing and engineering in the Sheffield and the South Yorkshire Region has changed over the centuries, so the Company reflects this by highlighting the innovation in the region, as well as upholding its proud heritage.  Freemen are drawn from the full range of manufacturing and engineering industries: traditional cutlery companies but also from advanced manufacturing, steel, digital engineers and food producers.


Information for Freemen and value of Freemanship


The current eligibility criteria to become a Freeman are:

Location: operate within 1624 geographical area of “Hallamshire and six miles compass”, effectively the “S” Postcode and all South Yorkshire.

Role: they are a director, executive or senior manager of a “relevant organisation” involved in manufacturing.  This may include people who have contributed significantly to manufacturing industry, particularly in South Yorkshire but who have now retired or moved on from that role.

Relevant Organisation: defined as a business or a research establishment which is engaged in the production of, or fee-earning research in support of, manufactured items.  The Company takes a wide view of manufacturing and is not limited to the more “traditional industries”.  Consistent quality is required and manufacturing is defined as per section 36 of the Trading Descriptions Act 1968, which states:

“That goods are deemed to have been manufactured or produced in the country [or city] in which they last underwent a treatment or process resulting in a substantial change’”.

Applications from all areas of manufacturing, including digital engineering, are welcome.  Those from the food sector must be from a company operating at scale, which involves strict quality controls and significant use of production machinery.

In the case of a research establishment, it would mean somebody of at least the seniority of a department head or professor and who is a business minded individual of quality, with responsibility for, and qualifications in, metallurgy, materials science, engineering or other (STEM) discipline appropriate to the manufacturing sector.