The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire was formed by act of Parliament in 1624.  It is in the DNA of Sheffield and South Yorkshire and association with the Company shows support for the City and our Region.  Its purpose is to promote and support manufacturing and engineering industry in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.  We have c350 Freemen who are Owners, Directors and Senior Executives of manufacturing firms.  Over 30 years ago, the Category of Friends was created with the aim of including those non-manufacturing businesses, who are pre-eminent in their field.  Whereas Freedom is bestowed on the individual, Friends are usually corporate.

Many companies and organisations, who’s personnel would not qualify as Freemen of the Company, would benefit from a formal association with us and benefit from and contribute to our network of Freemen and their companies.


The Criteria for Friends of the Company are as follows:

A company or organisation, that is acceptable to the Company, but is not eligible to have its Directors/Senior Executives eligible to be Freemen of the Company but, which is itself located in our defined geographical area, or has strong business links to our defined geographical area and could play a significant direct support role in the affairs of eligible companies.  This would embrace, financial institutions, law firms, distributors, logistics, IT/telecom providers, Chambers of Commerce, Government business/economic development agencies, funding agencies, utility suppliers, personnel recruiters, property specialists, etc.

An individual who is acceptable to the Company, who is not eligible to be Freemen of the Company and is not a member of and organisation that qualifies to become a Friend, but who is located in our defined geographical area, or has strong business or other links to our defined geographical area and could play a significant direct support role in the affairs of the Company or its Freemen’s companies.

A nominee, who is acceptable to the Company, from any organisation that would be eligible to have its Directors/Senior Executives eligible for Freedom but does not have a relevant location in our defined geographical area. This might include Rolls Royce, Bae, UKAEA, GKN, etc.


Potential Friends may apply direct to the Company if interested on or they may be identified and nominated by Members and Freemen of the Company and by other Friends.  They should be made known to the Clerk of the Company and/or the Company’s Friend’s Advisor.

The Company’s Friends Advisor will have the initial discussions with potential Friends and make a formal recommendation to the Master Cutler.  Approval of new Friends is the formal responsibility of the Master Cutler, working within the above guidelines and taking account formally of the views of Members, prior to any commitment being given to a potential Friend.  Once a new Friend has been approved by the Master Cutler, the Friend’s Advisor will subsequently inform the Company formally, at the next appropriate Company meeting.


For Corporate Friends, it is the organisation that is the Friend of the Company.  We ask for a nominated point of contact, but the organisation may be represented, at any event, by whomsoever they feel appropriate for the occasion.


The Company asks for an annual donation from Friends who, in turn, derive a number of important benefits.  In Company year 2023/24, the annual subscription is set at £2,500.  Before this year the donation had not been increased for more than 10 years and is only raised if felt absolutely necessary.   The benefits of being a Friend can be summarised as follows:

Friend £2,500 Tangible.  There are several tangible benefits associated with being a Friend of the Company.  These are:

a. Invitations.  At no charge to the Installation, the Friends’ Luncheon, Cutlers Feast (single ticket) and Forfeit Feast (Double Ticket) each year.  You will also receive invitations to other subscription events where payment may be required and additional guest invited.

b. Hall.  Friends have the right to use the Company Rooms in the Hall (Hallamshire Suite) free of charge and to book their own corporate meetings, dinners and business events at a 10% discount.  Friends may also be able to bring visitors to the Hall and show them round what is a local gem, if you wish.

c.  Networking.  Friends are invited to attend events where you can network with Freemen and with other Friends of the Company, plus their business associates and guests.  It will also be possible to include information in the Company Newsletter from time to time.

d. Business Focused Events.  Invitations to organised specific business related networking events, based on areas of interest to the Company’s Freemen.  Also, possible invitations to be lead presenters at such events.

e. Website.  Friends’ names and Logos are included on the Company’s Website along with descriptions of their core activities.

f.   Livery Management System (LMS).  Friends are included on the Company’s LMS, in the “membership” area, giving them access to membership directory and information about all of the Company’s activities and events.  Friends may also use this system, through the Clerk, to pass messages and information to the Company’s Freemen

g. Access to the Master.  The Master Cutler has unique a platform in that he has access to MPs, local politicians and decision makers but he is frequently in London moving in circles where national decision makers can be influenced.  As a Friend, you will be able to put your view forward to take advantage of this.

Intangible.  The intangible benefits of being associated with the Company are:

a. Sheffield and South Yorkshire.  The Company protects the use of “Sheffield” in business names.  Companies House will not allow Sheffield to be used in any Company’s name without a letter of non-objection from us.  The Company also owns the certification mark Sheffield and is co-owner of the Made in Sheffield Brand with the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce.

b. The Company.  The Company has a unique position and is much envied by other cities and regions.  It is apolitical and has no agenda beyond helping manufacturing, engineering and the Region to grow and prosper.  It can therefore help coordinate activity, lobby for the Region and influence events.  Being a Friend of the Company helps to contribute to this.


[1] Subscriptions are reviewed annually, but only raised if and when necessary.



To express and interest in becoming a Friend of the Company, you should contact us on:

Email:, or

Phone: 0114 272 8456, Option 2