Please note the aims and purposes of the Company on the front page of the website.

Many companies and organisations, who’s personnel would not qualify as Freemen of the Company, would benefit from a formal association with us and benefit from and contribute to our network of Freemen and the companies.  Some 30 years ago, the Category of Friends was created with the aim of including those non-manufacturing businesses who are pre-eminent in their field.  Whereas Freedom is bestowed on the individual, Friends are usually corporate.

The Criteria for Friends of the Company is as follows:

  1. A nominee, who is acceptable to the Company, from any organisation that is not eligible to have its directors/senior executives eligible for Freedom, but which is itself located in our defined geographical area or has strong business links to our defined geographical area and plays a significant direct support role in the affairs of eligible companies. This would embrace, financial institutions, law firms, distributors, IT/telecom providers, Chambers of Commerce, Government business/economic development agencies, funding agencies, utility suppliers, property specialists, etc.
  2. A nominee, who is acceptable to the Company, from any organisation that would be eligible to have its directors/senior executives eligible for Freedom but does not have a relevant location in our defined geographical area. This might include Rolls Royce, British Aerospace, GKN, etc.
  3. Any individual that the Members of the Company choose to invite to become a Friend based on outstanding merit or achievement in either their business or personal activities.

The Company’s Friends Advisor will have the initial discussions with potential Friends and make a formal recommendation to the Master Cutler.  Approval of new Friends is the formal responsibility of the Master Cutler, working within the above guidelines and taking account formally of the views of Members, prior to any commitment being given to a potential Friend.  Once a new Friend has been approved by the Master Cutler, the Friend’s Advisor will subsequently inform the Company formally at the next appropriate Company meeting.

To express and interest in becoming a Friend of the Company, you should contact us on:

Email:, or

Phone: 0114 272 8456, Option 2