March 19, 2024


On Sunday 17th March 2024, the Master Cutler, Mr Charles Turner DL was delighted the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, Professor Jaydip Ray DL, had chosen Cutlers’ Hall to host the lunch following the Legal Service at Sheffield Cathedral.

The service expresses gratitude and appreciation for the dedicated individuals who uphold law and order in South Yorkshire. This includes the hard work and commitment of Judges, Magistrates, Barristers, Solicitors, and all members of the legal profession. The service also acknowledges the important role played by the police service and the various organisations that collaborate with the courts and the community to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. Their tireless efforts and contributions are crucial in maintaining a just and orderly society across South Yorkshire.

Also in attendance was the HM Lord-Lieutenant of South Yorkshire, High Sheriff of Derbyshire, High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, High Sheriff of North Yorkshire along with the previous High Sheriff’s. They were joined by Circuit Judges, District Judges, Lawyers and Mayors from all districts of South Yorkshire.

The High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, Professor Jaydip Ray DL, is a Professor of Otology Neurotology at the University of Sheffield & Professor of ENT at Sheffield Hallam University. He also has an active interest in teaching, training, research and innovation across this field. More details about Professor Jaydip Ray DL, his voluntary sector support and awards here.