November 1, 2022

Trinity House London Luncheon

On the 25th October 2022, Past Master Ken Cooke and the Clerk were proud to represent the Master Cutler at the Trinity House Luncheon in London, in honour of the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of London, Vincent Keaveny, as he approaches the end of time in office.  This was an opportunity to thank the Lord Mayor for the support he has given to our Company and the Region during his year.  We were fortunate to host him as part of the Livery Weekend in June 2022, which we organised on his behalf and also at our Forfeit Feast in July, where he was the traditional guest of honour.  the Lord Mayor stressed to us again how deeply impressed he was with our Region and the innovative and strong manufacturing and engineering companies we have here.

It was also a great opportunity to discuss with our London based friends in the London Livery companies, issues such as Education & Skills and charitable giving.  We have much in common and the sharing of ideas and information, plus building strong relationships will help this Company continue its good work into the future.